About Lucky Bird Vacations

A Lucky Bird vacation is a thrilling, fun, invigorating and refreshing new take on the American tradition of the beach vacation!

You will enjoy all of today’s conveniences, at a leisurely pace not often possible, in the busyness of today. Just imagine the summer breeze from the Gulf, the moon nearly full, and you not only see- but feel and hear the waves as they lap upon the shore announcing the shifting tides.

With Lucky, you have the best of all possible worlds, at a price you just didn’t think was possible anymore.

So enjoy the sound of the waves gently rolling ashore or a gull greeting the day– a Lucky Bird vacation offers real quality time with your family and friends in the gorgeous setting of our beautiful Alabama beaches.

Now, with our wrist bands (we call them Flocklets. Flock Yeah!) you worry even less. Our wrist bands will provide VIP experiences with all of our selected partners – one of our many specials to come in 2019.

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